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CH 6: War
CH 4: Hardcore
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NOTICE Double Donation online till 16.09.2015
Check it out and dont miss this.

NOTICE Update 12.07.2015

NOTICE Double Donate and Vote !
I enabled the Double Donate and vote till 10.06. Have fun :) A new update is coming this Month.

NOTICE Easter Event
Easter has arrived in Cabal so we activated Double Vote and Donate and also made a Event. Check it out when you click on "More"

NOTICE Eastern Event
We will have a Eastern Event soon which will be activated for the whole Month. But for now i activate Double Donate and Double Vote. Double Donate will be closed at 18.04. Double Vote will run the whole Month

  • Accounts 179241
  • Characters 153525
  • Exp 1500x
  • Sp 500x
  • Craft EXP 100x
  • Drop rate 6x
  • Alz bomb rate 7x
  • Alz rate 30x
  • Pet EXP 40x
  • Wexp 7x
  • AXP 50x
  • Item/Drop 3
  • Max rebirths 5000